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Laura Luzzi is an Assistant Professor at ENSEA, Cergy-Pontoise, and a researcher at ETIS. She is currently the head of the Information, Communication and Imaging team of ETIS (joint with A. Chorti).
She received the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics for Technology and Industrial Applications from Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy, in 2007. From 2007 to 2010 and from 2010 to 2011 she held postdoctoral positions in Télécom-ParisTech and Supélec, France. From 2011 to 2012 she held a Marie Curie IEF Fellowship at Imperial College London, United Kingdom.
She led the INEX project “Lattice hash functions for secret key generation” (2017-2021), and participates in the INEX Ambition project “Physical-Layer Security for Beyond 5G” (2020-2024), both funded by CY Initiative d’Excellence. She is the recipient of the 2017 Paris Seine Women and Science Prize.
Her research interests include coding for wireless communications, physical layer security and lattice-based cryptography.

Research activities

  • Lattice coding for wireless communications
  • Physical layer security (wiretap coding, secret key generation from physical channels, covert communication)
  • Post-quantum cryptography (lattice-based)

Ongoing projects

2020-2024  PHEBE (Physical-Layer Security for Beyond 5G)
Funded by the CY Initiative d’Excellence Ambition program
PI: Ligong Wang
Participants: Marwa Chafii, Arsenia Chorti, Maël Le Treust, Laura Luzzi
Funding: Postdocs Wafa Njima and Muralikrishnan Srinivasan, PhD student Cécile Bouette

2019-2023 ANR QCSP (Quasi-Cyclic Short Packet)
PI: Emmanuel Boutillon (Université de Bretagne Sud)
Partners: Université de Bretagne Sud, IMT Atlantique, ETIS (CELL/ICI teams), IPB/ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Orange Labs, Sequans, CEA-LETI
Participants from ETIS: Fakhreddine Ghaffari (CELL), Laura Luzzi (ICI)
Funding: Postdoc Franklin Cochachin